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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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incident and it comes to us. i read every single related report. it gets disseminated to the district station captains. they look over the constant data and they develop enforcement plans that assist our city in combating crime and incidents on me. -- on muni. we have officers dedicated solely to the mta. they ride in uniforms and plain clothes. we also have k-9 units. i can't say more, they do with our transit system. we're down 30% in crime and the transit system. as the director said, the only place where we can do a little
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bit better are larceny crimes. that is what this campaign really is all about. i don't want to beat a dead horse in terms of reiterating this, but we can't say enough. perhaps don't use the white earbuds. opportunistic people look for those opportunities and no that it means iphone. if you lose one of these devices, and do what you can't disconnect your personal information from these devices.
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if something is taken from you, don't go after the suspect. just look, pay attention, and get as the description as you can and, in 11. he will be there to take this information and after had the suspect. >> a pretty straightforward message, grateful for those of you covering this. they provide to my family and friends, everyone in our system and in our city to make sure that they get to where they want to go. they make themselves vulnerable to theft of our system anywhere. will be happy to take questions. thank you all for coming. >> [inaudible]
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>> i will use an example. just the other day, i was on one of the trains and i got on the trains, it wasn't a very full train. halas of almost 90% of the people were living out at smart phones are electronic devices. what typically happens is, it is an ihpone. -- iphone. the look for the perfect opportunity, snatched the device and away they go. the worst thing we can do is engage the perpetrator because that leads to a more serious crime. that is typically what we see. they see the opportunity, they seize it. it cannot give criminal the
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opportunity. >> [inaudible] >> always, i think we can look at common sense with that and really, anywhere right mirador, for instance. -- near a door, for instance. grabbing the device and exiting the vehicle very quickly. >> would you edifies someone with a smart phone to set elsewhere? >> the middle of the bus would be preferred. my other devices to just not use it. why you're not being attentive, you are creating an opportunity. >> [inaudible]
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>> as a matter of fact, last week we had a cellphone that was the lead with gps on that. we tracked the phone, got the suspect, and many other items of stolen property in the car that he was arrested and. the car itself had been boosted, there was a license plate crime. he pretty good case started with the cell phone gps that was trackable. >> if i have a cellphone with gps that is stolen -- >> as best as we can. if we have the staffing available, we are about catching bad guys. >> of the recovery rate of these devices is not good. if you lose your device, you have lost your device.
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i mean, it is whatever the market will bear. these are a commodity that are traded. being used, the person that was the owner of the phone could tell that it was taken from them and in use. they do that in australia and we're working to see if we can get something like that locally. >> [inaudible] >> thank you.
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>> kids with special needs have access to a venture on may 5. over 25 businesses and nonprofit organizations build the music concourse with free refreshments, games, and bluegrass. access to a venture is part of sf rec and park's year-round activities in partnership with activities in partnership with families. >> good morning, and welcome to the regular transbay joint
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powers authority board of directors meeting. let me call thcall the rollel, p lease. director ortiz is in traffic and maybe a little late. madam chair, you do have a quorum. chair kim: we move on to the director -- executive directors of report, item 5. >> today we will present the quarterly financial report, the quarterly project labor agreement, and the construction of date. i will be brief in my report. i did want to state we are
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continuing to make good progress if you walked by the dry bite or, by the construction site you will see a lot of progress and hear a lot about that. most recently, we expect may tend to come in on that project. to begin, i would like the cfo to come up and give a presentation on the quarterly financial reports. >> good morning, directors. i will be brief. is thougthese are the quarterly financial reports, starting with the budget to actual report to the third quarter of the fiscal year, which shows we are within budget on both the capital and operations side. the context of his report also showing procurement activities are proceeding as planned. this shows dbe and spe
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percentages. we have paid 34 million over the last three quarters for this fiscal year. the investment report shows the interest earnings from equity investment, the city treasurer's hold investments and shows investments in u.s. treasury notes, and the report shows inception to date expenditures and revenues. we had auditors and for the interim field work just a couple of weeks ago, and they noted no exceptions or findings. we were pleased with that, and i am happy to answer any questions. >> any questions from board members? >> we to provide quarterly updates with various projects.
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>> good morning, directors. we did have the second meeting of the pla last month, and the unions were present. the building trades council as well as the contractor and construction managers. in terms of labor, we have had no disruptions or work stoppages. all of our labor needs are being met. we have not had any shortages in labor. as you heard previously, we have had to reportable accidents this past month. one was at a prior meeting where a worker slipped and had a cut on his face in needed to get stitches and returned to work the next day. the second was a welder who had second-degree burns and has also been able to return to work.
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>> to of the contracts you will hear to date will be our first contracts awarded under the plu. the geothermal and grounding packages. we also advertise the substructure package, which will be a substantial package. the estimate is $77 million. we're taking the bids on that in july. the geothermal package is primarily plumbers. the grounding package is primarily electricians, but the low-rate package will bring an iron workers, laborers, and some masons. in terms of high school students, we are starting to have summer interns report to tjpa, program management team,
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turner, and web core. a total of 11 interns' this summer. it withey also met with city college, and representatives of the san francisco unified. they are having a follow-up with city college on the teaching facilities and instructor resources there, as well as sfpuc will have a list of items for their program and john o'connell that contractors may be able to help meet with materials or supplies. in terms of veterans, i degree of mentioned before, we will have -- we will be participating in our reach date of the uss hornet. this is a big event that is scheduled to help us.
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webcore has been talking to travis air force base about engaging in the transition program, which is the process that discharging veterans go through as they leave this service. it is a multi-day session preparing the chance for transition out of the service and engaging in that process to inform them about trades and how to sign up for the various trade union. we have also discussed that with the trade unions and the bay area accordance. i will talk about that in a couple of slides. >we did meet with webcore and
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turner on the participation program going on in the field right now. we went through a much more extensive progress budget process to calculate participation in compliance this time. we are downloading the information and putting it into excel where we can better manipulate it. for most trades a straight one hourt to 5 hours, but there are a couple of trades operating engineers and the worst where it is worked out on a daily basis. for laborers, it is one of bodyto four. to four bodies. you look at it every day. so we're working with them to
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modify reporting so we can get all of the data automatically and on a more real-time basis going forward. webcore of the workshop with existing subcontractors, both on expectations and reporting requirements. putting in new standards of the subcontractors, but the documen to document participatid submit a plan for participation going forward. we're also modifying specifications for future trade packages to more specifically outlined the expectations for reporting and planning requirements. so for the last quarter you have here the key subcontractors and participation and compliance. we have to do some work, primarily on the participation.
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balfor has been improving, but they have significant shortfall by labor said. we will meet to go over what they can do to bring more apprentices' on to the job. a couple of the other subcontractors are non- compliant server beisurveying. we're confident it will bring those numbers into compliance rapidly. i mentioned earlier we met this week with the bay area print and ship order naders association. this is a great resource to us. this is the apprenticeship coordinators from each of the trade unions that meets monthly to coordinate activities. we were able to present to them at their monthly meeting this week. it was good for us to make the contacts directly with the trade
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unions apprenticeships quarte go we can track what they're doing in terms of veterans, youth, and disadvantaged individuals, and upcoming needs, soe also talked about the upcoming trade packages and the needs we will have for a print ships and it made those contacts. we will go to the treasure island job fair next week to do out reach, as well us tpja will follow-up with north bay and south bay association for future meetings. finally, just a few comments on specific measures being taken by some of the locals. the carpenters' local 22 has been doing work with the conservation corps and workforce development programs. they have nine apprentices
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currently working on the project. oe3, operating engineers, one of the union's we want to focus on, because this is an area where they have not been currently meeting compliance goals, so we want to find more opportunities to bring in operating engineers, but they have been working with city build, young community developers, and mission hiring home. then the local 261 of the worla have a significant number working on the project as well. that concludes my report. any questions? thank you for a group report. books by a lot of progress.
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is the issue there is not enough supply in the pipeline or is it the contractors in subs are not reaching to the halls and cbo's to get them? >> on the -- they are performing the buttress work, there have been concerned about the complexity of the work and safety, but we need to picture the pipeline is there. there are associated work with the buttressed work and made its activity being done where we will try to see if they cannot bring in more apprentices. the laborers is not a pipeline issue. they have been improving the numbers. we need to encourage and keep that improvement going forward so we will be in compliance in the future.
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chaire kim: any other questions? >thank you. >> armonk the construction update with steve roluhle. >> good morning, directors. -- now we have the construction update. it was a good month. a couple of major milestones reached, and that was first street bridge getting put in over memorial day weekend quite successfully. we have good information on that. the other great achievement was actually getting five but to shaft's done in a single week, and average has been between three and for now. that production has stepped up. unfortunately we did have a recordable in the bond month of.
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it burned a welder. corrective actions have been taken with regards to that. he wiped his sleeve with iraq that had flammable material on it, which he did not realize at the time. fortunately was a very insignificant incident. he was able to return to work. we also had a near miss, an apprentice operator who has been since receiving additional training and fortunately pulled up a cedar cable for the temporary electrical system, so that needs to be corrected as well, but fortunately there were no injuries whatsoever in that incident. the buttress shafts are going well. last friday there were 92 in place. they have already poured three this week. they are making great progress averaging three shafts per week. first street bridge over -- over memorial day was completed three
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at hours earlier than planned. the work continues in zones 1 and 2 in excavation and freezing. the auxiliary water system continues on how street. bids were received on the geothermal and grounding, and he will be looking into that matter later in the meeting. coming up in the next 90 days, we plan to bid and award this upgrade package. hopefully that will be before you in august meeting. -- we plan to bid and award the osubgrade package. work will start in zone 3, the center section, which they're working on in demolition right now. final demolition of the recycled material. and the but trish half work will continue i butcher shop work wil
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continue iress shaft work will continue in zone four . the superstructure in 2014, and so forth with the finishes. the project completed in the fall of 2017. as far as the bse work, that is completely finished. it is well into the buttress work and excavation work and continuing with the traffic bridge. the next traffic bridge will go in in september, first week of september for the labor day holiday. the final one on beale street going in over the veteran's day holiday. an overview of demolition. the trestle bridge is two-thirds
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complete. they are using it for excavation of the far west end. the first-rate bridge is in, and the buttress work continues in zone four. the usual pictures. i know that does not look like it changes much, but another 16 holes put in. now 19 holes with this week's work. the three in yellow are now complete. one of the riebars going in. they have begun to remove rubble out of this intersection and demolish the remaining basement walls. the trestle bridge and shoring. we put in our fall crosswalk
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shoring this last -- full crosswalk shoring this last period. they are below the second level. take a look at that now. the trestle bridge him shoring up the west end. in the lower right-hand picture, the second level shoring has been installed. now the other significant milestone was the bridge. i have a couple of pictures here. there is demolition on saturday morning. by saturday afternoon they were dropping into sections of the temporary bridge and doing some backfill and welding of the sections together and paving on sunday but the bridge opening monday. it is not quite do it justice, so we put this together for you.
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the friday night demolition, trucks are moving the debris. by friday morning existing first street was completely gone. creation of cranes and leveling of the dirk remaining at first street. than the sections went in during the day on saturday. this was a continuous operation straight through the 2.5 days. the welding of the sections together was completed overnight. on saturday night making it possible to pave the early on sunday.
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they did a significant amount of advanced planning and deserve huge kudos for pulling this off. it went off very smoothly considering what we were trying to do. the metal deck was filled with paving. a couple of different lives. then after that it was all of the nice stuff like clean lines and barricades. -- like lane lines and their kids. barricades. monday morning it was completely finished in the use most of the day to get it cleaned up. -- and used most of the day to get it cleaned up. any ideas/
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? a couple of more regular slides fror you. i do not know why it is not a band sang. chair kim: a did want to echo what steve said and thank them for a job well done. they finish 16 hours before schedule. >i just had a question, just because we get some of the questions from the residents that live in the district. seeing the activity was incredibly interesting and the activity was amazing, but was curious what you pick at night and how the determinations are made t